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  • Exterior de la casa

    The home of your dreams

    The house is situated in an environment of great beauty, surrounded by two rivers of crystalline waters.

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  • Casa Vilarello

    Home Vilarello

    The Vilarello home is composed of two floors linked by an interior staircase and has a maximum capacity of 6-7 people.

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  • Casa Cales

    Home Cales

    The home Cales consists of a plant with an area of bedroom in attic and has a capacity for 6 people.

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  • Castillo de Doiras

    Castillo de Doiras

    El Castillo de Doiras es una de las joyas arquitectónicas de la comarca de Os Ancares lucenses.

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The home of your dreams


The legend of Aldara


Long time ago, in the castle of Doiras, was a knight of name Froiaz, with two children: Egas and Aldara.

Aldara, young and beautiful, had the devotion of Aras, son of another Lord of a castle nearby, and as his love was reciprocated, and taking good families, announced the wedding. 

One afternoon, Aldara disappeared from the Castle. Father and brother sought by the Castle but they didn't found to Aldara; Finally a ballestero brought news saying that he had seen approaching media tomorrow to the nearby Creek. Fearing a disgrace, father, brother, servants and squires, toured the banks of the river without finding her. Then sent a messenger to the fiancé of Aldara presented disconsolate, accompanied by its people and so everyone, they undertook the search for mountains and forests, huts and villages... after a few days of fruitless searches, considered definitive loss of Aldara, imagining her malherida by some wild boar, some bear or devoured by wolves...

Doiras castle

Many years later, Egas, while hunting in the Mount of Galo Monteiro (wild rooster or monte urugallo), spotted a beautiful white hind. Unique and accurate shot ended the life of the animal, but not had noticed that it was impossible to take her to the Castle due to its excessive weight (or, perhaps, because the snow hindered transport), so he cut the front leg to the cierva (to indicate that the animal belonged, or to show a trophy to give account of his exploits).

And when he went to show his father the leg of the hind, telling him success, terrified, they saw as Egas pulled the bag a hand; a hand fine, white, soft; a noble maiden hand. And in one of the fingers of that hand shone a beautiful gold ring with a stone rojay yellow. Father and son agreed that that was the unfortunate Aldara ring. Sore spirit they rode to the top of the mountain, toward the place where Egas had killed the cierva. There found, lying on the ground, the corpse of Aldara, with her white dress and a great red spot just above the heart of which was a dart, and who was missing a hand.

By far that inquired father and brother never knew who, nor the reason why Aldara had been converted in a hind.